sdf 08: NICOTINE by Justin Ayd

Coming in 2012.

NICOTINE is a free-form exploration about a group of four elementary school friends now in their late 20’s. Paul, who is the center and balance of them all, is unhappy with his position in life and is slowly losing his grip on things when something happens to one of the friends

Follow the progress of the film here.

sdf 07:  the third day comes a frost by Zach Erdmann

A short experimental narrative piece about the solitude of the woods. Watch here.

sdf 06:  Leveling by Andrew Tolstedt

Andrew’s senior thesis film. “The scientist lives underground. He builds a robot and sends her to find his pocketwatch, but the world is dangerous. She learns and grows.”

sdf 05: Documenting Westphal by Kurt Raether

An impressionistic portrait of the relationship between Fred Westpahl, a fringe candidate in the 2010 Wisconsin Gubernatorial race, and Kurt Raether, the young film maker attempting to document his campaign. 

+Played at the 2011 Milwaukee Film Festival . 

+Won the top award at the Spring 2011 UWM Student Film Festival.

sdf 04: sleep in it by Johnathon Olsen

A young man visits his father after not having seen him for 8 years, but neither man is able to let go of the past.

sdf 03: Still by Zach Erdmann

A parable of a young man attempting to burn a tree using only his mind.

Watch the film here.

sdf 02: Astrovan by Kurt Raether

A music video for Milwaukee band The Fatty Acids featuring the members cast as costumed telegram singers.

See the video here.

+Won Best Music Video from RadioMilwaukee in 2011.

sdf 01: waltz by Johnathon Olsen

A married couple retreat to the woods to try and get over a rough spot in their relationship.

+Played at the 2010 Wisconsin Film Festival.



Sea of Space by Andrew Megow

A short utilizing classic cel animation to tell the story of a young proto star’s path to maturity.

The film is scheduled to be finished late spring 2012.

kingdom of ends by Johnathon Olsen & Zach Erdmann

A personal vision of abolitionist John Brown that focuses mainly on his time in Kansas.

The film is set to begin filming Summer 2012.

a home you can’t come back to (working title) by Johnathon Olsen

An experimental essay continuation of sleep in it that deals with the inability to understand.

There is currently no set dates for completion.

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