In late 2008, two film students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Kurt and Johnathon, spent a lot of time watching movies and eating cheap submarine sandwhiches. 

Eventually, they worked on a film together called waltz, spending ten hot days in Northern Wisconsin going through every manner of hell to produce a feature film on no budget. 

After another year, they had produced a few more films, met a few more awesome people, and developed something of a collective.  

Why self-destructive? 

You have to be an idiot to try making films on your own. We’d suggest a nice degree in computer science. 

Seriously though, it’s from this awesome song

What are you getting at here? 

Basically, we want to make movies and help others do the same. The goal is to have a group of like-minded individuals under the self-destructive label, all sharing ideas, skills, and equipment. 

We are not limited. We have produced features, shorts, documentaries, music videos and corporate media. Anything is game. 

So the goal is, basically, just build that up until we die. What else is there to do? 

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